Friday, August 1, 2008

Dipped In Honey

Hi Girls! Mary Elise, you asked about my paint color and I have not been able to respond to you because Blogger keeps telling me that your profile is private. I would love to get an email from you so I could give you a proper response- I've enjoyed your comments so much! Anyway... Dipped in Honey is a Dutch Boy color that I got at Orchard Supply Hardware where I have a part-time job. I'm sure Dutch Boy is sold in lots of places, but here's the thing: I think it may be a discontinued color, but when I get home tonight I will at least make note of the number and that could be helpful. I'll add it to this post in an edit.
Edit: The number is DT08 and it is NOT Dutch Boy, it is American Living by Sears (who happens to own OSH)

Speaking of my bedroom which has become such a sanctuary to me, I took a few photos yesterday morning. I thought you guys might like to see it so far!
First, here is my anitque cast iron headboard! It looks even better today than when I first pulled it out of a dumpster seven years ago! When we moved into our house in 2003 we decided it wasn't the greatest headboard for us and we put it in the backyard. Well, the further "aging" in the great outdoors has just made it look even better! I love the little bits of rust. How do you like my crazy mismatched pillow cases? I'm still a little disorganized- bedding is on the list for August, but I have to say that I do kind of like the crazy quilt effect of these too.
The vanity top. Still a work in progress, but I love my little house candle holders- I've had them for probably twenty years! And doesn't Wendy look so cute?! I love that sweet little face! By the way, does anyone else enjoy White Shoulders as much as I do? It just smells so heavenly to me! That fabric is a piece of a fat quarter. I bought a bunch of them at Joanne's a few years ago. I just love the blue and white plates against the yellow ground, but when I try to put it to use, it seems so busy. I'm thinking of just using it as an accent on throw pillows and maybe a bias binding for whatever window treatment I end up with. I have maybe eight fat quarters of it.
Here is the bedside table (with lots of yellow lamplight!). Talk about some chippy paint! This poor table has been far too abused. Those darling ducklings that I posted about here used to live on this table in my grandmother's house. At that time this table was polished, elegant wood. It's one of those graceful reproductions made shortly after WWII. I'm sure my grandparents bought it at Capwell's where Grandpa worked. Anyway, a few years ago I painted it, but I did not prime it and the paint just started flaking off. Not sure yet if I want to try it again or leave it like this.

Lastly, what bedside is complete without a great assortment of magazines for dreaming with? I was recently at a local thrift store and picked up a bunch of Victoria magazines from the late 90's for .30 and .40 each!!! That was a score! Also got a few Country Living magazines for the same price. So they're getting lots of ooooh and aaahhh time lately. The cute "bucket" was also a thrift find. I love the cottage-y look of it.

So, there we are for now. I am still finishing up the painting. (I know, right? It's taking me forever!) and then it's on to the bedding and curtains and getting some artwork on the walls. I am hoping August will be very productive for me.


Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Your bed is beautiful!

Hooked on Houses said...

Your headboard is beautiful! You'd have to pay a fortune for one like that from Pottery Barn, just to have them "distress it" for you.

Sorry to hear you won't be able to join our blog party. Thanks for letting me know. Hope you're having a good weekend, Bettsi! -Julia :-)

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

My dear one!
How exciting all this is - lemonade is so much sweeter when it is shared among friends.
And your little cottage is so charming. I admire you, your integrity and gifts.
Much love

Michelle said...

You like White Shoulders too huh?! Its the first perfume my parents ever gave me. Now, 14 years later, I still have plenty of it! Its nice when I need something subtle. However, when I go more bold, I prefer Hypnotic Poison by Dior.

Mary Elise said...

Hi Bettsi,

Thanks for the info on the paint, we do have a Sears store here. Love your bed and all your reclaimed items and heirlooms.

So glad you have such a sweet retreat.

I think I've fixed my profile. Sometimes I'm still a little slow with computer stuff. ;)

Enjoying your blog so much!

Mary Elise

Anonymous said...

Well done Bettsi- looking good!

I found an old Victorian bed head burried in the field behind our old house when I was clearing it. It was the sort which screwed in to the rest of the frame so not a lot of good on it's own. In the end I hung it from a porch beam to it touched the ground but didn't fall and planted sweetpeas to curl over it.
Love the fabric too. blue and white is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the art work up too. It must be so exciting to have your own private space. As a kid I loved having my own room -it gives you a space where you can be you.

Biscuitbear said...

Your bedroom looks wonderful! Mine is totally nondescript. The whole house is actually. Next time I move I really have to make more efforts!

Sweetie said...

I especially like the headboard and the bedside table that glows with yellow light.