Saturday, January 17, 2009

Greetings, Friends!

I finally had a minute to look through my photos from Christmas and just had to share this one. This is Christmas morning. My old brown sectional was in need of some creative concealments and I love how these bedspreads look. I really love how cute Yoda is in that spotlight of sun that is coming in the fanlight of the front door. Kitties know how to do things right, don't they?

It's been a tough week here. I can't go into details, but a dear family member is in the hospital, so prayers for my family are welcome. There has also been a bright spot, unexpectedly, but it's too soon to talk about that. We will see if the bright spot remains just that, like Yoda's spotlight, or if it grows into something more...

Wishing you all a lovely weekend with the people you love.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Next week my classes start! I've thriftily ordered all of my textbooks online, in advance and have saved myself over $100 by doing so, she said proudly. They're almost all here and everytime I open one, I get so excited. I mean, wouldn't you?

Uh, yeah, me either on that last one! How embarrassing to be taking pre-algebra too.'s been a long time since I've done any math other than adding up yardages and calculating sale percentages! Carmen is going to take it with me so that should be fun- two arty girls trying to help each other with math. I don't even care- I'm just so excited. For me, this is better than Christmas.

Sometimes, I still try to talk myself out of this. I'll say things like, "But now I'll never have a social life." and "Really? You really want to spend your time selling window coverings to entitled rich ladies?" I still have to answer yes! Yes, I want this degree even if it only ends up being something that enriches my personal life. I can make a living cleaning houses if I have to- I've done it before. If I find that I don't like one particular way of making a living at interior design, I will find another way. Actually, what I'd really enjoy (I think) would be a sweet little storefront specializing in unique gift, party and home decor items, with services to match. If not that, then perhaps I will write about design or teach design. No matter what I do with my lil ol' AA, I know I'm going to enjoy the learning process. As far as a social life, I suppose that can wait a while.

Hugs to all!