Thursday, August 14, 2008

For me?

Woweee! Isn't that pretty? That is an award from my friend, Helene. You may already know Helene, she's very chic and talented. She lives in France and eats macarons from Laduree! How glamorous is that? I'm sure she would say she is not glamorous, but Puh-leaze! Paris, macarons, Laduree! I'm just sayin'! She also has a fabulous doll collection and amazingly, has even included a couple of Tender Arts dollies in it! I'm still blown away by that. Thank you so much, Helene, for the support and the award. I am tickled!

Now I have the lovely honor of bestowing this award on five more bloggers! I pick:
  1. Eileen at Eileen's Attic
  2. Martha at JelliesJamsDolls
  3. Lisa at Faerie Enchantment
  4. Robin at Thrifty Miss Priss
  5. Tracey at Giggleface Studios

You girls are ALL creative bloggers. I'm on my way to let you know to come pick up your award!


Martha said...

Wow, I am honored! Is it ok to pass it on to you again!

Have you started that Raggedy Ann doll yet? I am waiting!

wishing you a bright and beautiful day, just like you!


eileen said...

Why thank you Bettsi :-) This is a beautiful award. I will be happy to display it in my blog thank you.
Your yo-yo pillow below is very pretty. I think you better keep it.

Biscuitbear said...

You're right about one thing, I will say that I'm not glamorous at all and will repeat it! Ha! I'm glad you nominated Martha and Tracey because I love what they do! I will check out your other nominees.

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Bettsi! You are such a sweetie! Thank you for thinking of ME! Now if I can just figure out how to do the little button thingey! I can use a paintbrush, but when it comes to making blog buttons, lets just say I'm definitely inept!

Martha said...

No, it is not cheating!
I got your email and will respond later, I have to unpack some groceries, I hate buying food, but one has to eat!

I will answer all of your questions!

Hugs, Martha

Martha said...

Hi there! How is the RA doll making going?

I hope you got my email where I answered your questions.

You must be busy with back to school, I am so happy I do not have to deal with that anymore. I miss my children being young and at home, but I do not miss that!

Hugs, Martha