Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Gratuitous Cute-ness

See? Pretty cute, huh? My fingers were itchin' to do some stitchin' last night and I remembered that my poor neglected Dolly Dingle never got her hat finished. When I opened up my little red suitcase, the overwhelming cute-ness slayed me. (You may remember the pillow from my etsy shop.) I finished her hat and took this photo to share.

I've also been stitching up a veritable yo-yo blizzard. I have the blurry photo to prove it!

I don't think I'm going to do a whole coverlet, but I sure can picture a pillow cover with these darling little things.

So...all this to say...I don't think Tender Arts Studio is dead! There still may be hope for this tired old dream of mine. Not really sure how to make it work, but I cannot abandon my stitchin' little fingers and my entrepreneurial dreams. If I can work in a hardware store part-time for part of my income, couldn't I do craft fairs instead and work for myself? Or maybe there is a store out there that would like to carry my humble little offerings? I don't know yet what the answer will be, but I sure want to find it.

Wish me luck, Friends.


Anonymous said...

Good luck Bettsi. I'm sure you will think of something. Never give up on your dreams. You have a real talent which is what started me reading your blog over a year ago. You can do it- get a collection together and then try a Christmas craft Show or even an on line shop. There is something out there which will be perfect for Tender Arts.

"Magnolia" said...

I agree with Melanie, don't give up on those dreams! And thanks for the cuteness...I needed it today!

Mary Elise said...

Too cute!

Are you gonna put the rooster pillow and the doll on etsy? Will you be making more Edith Flack Ackley dolls for etsy?

Your dolls are absolutely beautiful. The quality of your work really shows and the attention to detail is way beyond.

Don't stop doing what you do Bettsi!

You're very, very, good at it!

To semi quote Alicia Paulson, do what you love to do and if the money doesn't come, you'll still be paid with the enjoyment of doing it.

Sloppy quote, I was up all night, sorry.

Mary Elise

Joy said...

Don't stop believing in your dreams. If you keep believing and working hard, things will start to fall together, especially if you have a passion for it. Best of Luck to you!
I appreciate your visit to my blog.
Have a great weekend.

Martha said...

Hi Bettsi!

I hope things continue to do well for you!

I once was in your shoes, I worked part time as a legal secretary and made dolls in the afternoon well into the evening, my hours at the law office were 9-2. I would do my housework before leaving for work, come home, do what had to be done or finished and then worked on my dolls. I could make them faster back then too! Old age tends to slow one down a bit. You can do this, I would sell on ebay. Between my salary as a legal secretary and making my dolls my income allowed me to remain in my house, pay all the bills and have enough for food, I was on a tight budget and stuck to it. As time went on I sold more and more dolls and one day left the law firm (he was the meanest boss I had ever worked for, which gave me the incentive to keep working on my dolls! LOL) For a long time my dolls were my income. My life today has changed for the best, but I still make my dolls for fun and to sell. You can do it!!!!!! I will be keeping my fingers XXXX for you! Good Luck, and I love you little doll!

Tracey said...

Hi Bettsi,

Thanks for the lovely award, you made me smile! Your Dolly-Dingle Doll is so cute, and I love the tinting...excellent! Also, I'm glad to see your NEW blog up and running.

Jennie said...

I am still trying to figure how to work and also to do something with what I make. It was your efa doll that started me doing something about my dreams! If I had not fallen in love with her and tried to find out how to make a similar one then I probably would never have picked up my sewing needle again! *hugs*