Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Well, that week flew by! Thankful Thursday already!

I bet you already knew what I was thankful for too! Daughter Carmen made the prettiest blog banner for me this morning. I figured it was time for tea and lemon now that summer is gone. My cute little thrifted bluebird dropped by for a sip too. Thank you, Sweet Carmen!

What are you thankful for today, Friends?

9 comments: said...

What a sweet banner, and even better that it has a sentimental link to you.

Mother Nature's Garden said...

The banner is very inviting. I am having tea at the moment.

Nance said...

I love your banner! Carmen did an excellent job!
Have a thankful Thursday.

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Gorgeous banner!!!!!!!!!!!

M ^..^

Anonymous said...

Morning Bettsi! Love the banner. I still haven't made one but slowly slowly an idea will come. :-)Something with a rainbow crow perhaps? LOL Brain is going off againwithout my permission.

Ooo thankfuls- lots- did dentist and we didn't need anything doing, fresh pineapple, the joy of music and dancing oh and best of all friends.

Kacey said...

Out blog hopping and found your blog. It's lovely! Such great photos. I love the Jo doll and I SO want to learn to slip cover like that great couch you did. I have a couch that I'd love to put a pretty slipcover on.

Oh, on to your question. I'm thankful for a week of gorgeous fall weather and sunshine and my camera to capture it. (love your new banner).

the pleasures of homemaking said...

Very pretty (my daughter helps me with my banners too) :-)


nikkicrumpet said... lucky you are to have a beautiful and computer smart daughter who could create such a lovely header....Can I rent her out? Thanks for visiting my blog...I love following people home and meeting new bloggers and seeing where they reside. Now I'm off to snoop around your place.

Anonymous said...

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