Friday, September 5, 2008

Some dollies!

This is Miranda! I listed her on Tuesday and by Wednesday she was sold! Same with Maddie, below. They both went to Connecticut together!
I was at Mimi's blog and she is doing some wonderful OOAK girls, including this little witch. Her dress is made from the sleeve of a cashmere sweater and I just love the look of it! It's very similar to how I made Miranda's blouse and I thought I would explain how I did it. Miranda's blouse is the sleeve of an antique christening gown which came with a Horsman TineyBaby I bought for only $20 at a street fair this summer. The doll and gown were both a mess, but especially the gown- rips, tears, mold-ick! But I couldn't throw it away! I put the doll in a nicer gown that I had and I saved this one even though I never thought I could put it to use.
When I opened up the cupboard looking for fabrics for Miranda, I was trying to find something that was not too stiff and when I reached the whites, this gown was on top. So soft and fine! Then I saw the beautiful hand worked buttonholes and scallops on the the wrists. Wouldn't that be a pretty waistline treatment? So, after some pondering, I cut the sleeve off, cut tiny new sleeves from the neckline of the gown, attached the sleeves to the blouse, and then gathered the new neckline with a running stitch and put it on Miranda. Perfection! The belt is braided embroidery floss. It's so pretty, I wish I could have the blouse in grown up size for myself!


Tracey said...

Miranda is adorable! I love the curly-cue's. You're dolls are always so perfect and you always inspire me to get started on a new one (Pippi was my last).

Anonymous said...

Wonderful work Bettsi! You have been so productive since I last popped in. Beautiful expressive dolls.

I like your blue and white boxes too. I'm finally unwrapping my china and putting my blue and white stuff on the dresser where it used to go.

Rhondi said...

Your little dolls are precious!