Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's Valentine's Day- Have A Heart!

How sweet are these little darlings? Even more special because they were made from my mother's childhood coverlet. It's not a real pieced quilt, the design is printed, but it is still very vintage and very dear. I estimate that the coverlet dates to 1945. Amazing that my grandmother kept it for so long and then my mom. By the time I got it, it was disintegrating, but I'm so happy to give it a new life!
As I was stitching up these little hearts, I was reminded of a favorite little poem that I first spotted at my friend Sandra's house. It's by Beth Yarbrough and it's called "A Mother's Heart". Here it is:
Pieces of laughter
Patches of tears
Threaded with tenderness
Tattered with fears
Bits of forgiveness and
mounds of grace
Quilted together with
Love, Hope and Faith.
Doesn't that just sum it up? I've made lots of these, so after gifting my brother, my kids and myself...the rest will be up for sale at my shop.
Happy Valentine's Day, Friends. We're enjoying the weekend here and declaring today a "No Weight Watchers Day"! Speaking of which, Kelly has lost 25 pounds and I've lost 15 since we started in October. Wowie!

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