Sunday, February 28, 2010

I captured a fairy today!

Well, actually, she flew in through an open window. I tried to keep her as long as I could, but I could see she was longing to return to her meadow, so I set her free. She sure was cute, huh?
Truthfully, I made her for a fun doll challenge. The pattern was a free download from Judi Ward. I couldn't resist! My little Maggie-moo, my roommate's 13 year old daughter, made the wings for me. I'm so happy with how she turned out.
I'll be interested in hearing how little Fairy Wendy did. Wish her luck!


anniebeez said...

Bettsi I love your doll! I like her best out of all the Wide Eyed Wendy entries!

Bettsi said...

Annie, Thank you SO much!

Amanda said...

So cute!! I love her face. :)

Kelee Katillac said...

Your doll is adorable! So nice to meet you!

I appreciate your visit too!

love, kelee

My Cottage Charm said...

Hi Bettsi...the face and hands on my clock re-do have been taken care of. :) My mom wanted the clock hands and the face on the clock, was what I used to put a back on my picture. Nothing wasted! :)
Your little fairy is very sweet! :)
Have a great week

sissie said...

What a sweet little pink fairy.
I love her.

thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.

I'll be back to see you soon.