Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Sunday!

Yoda and Buddy (he's sacked out on the floor next to the bed) and I are chill-axing this morning. I had to share this photo because this is how my bed looks now most of the time! School books and computer now occupy the blank side of the bed. I won't even show you the rest of the room! You can definitely tell there has been a bit of a sea change around here.

School is great! I love it so much! It's the other stuff (you know, the four-letter word that starts with a W and ends with a K) that gets very tiresome. Especially the receptionist job. That's the one that's swingshifts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Not that I'd be having a big social life or anything, but it would be nice to do a little housework!

Ah, well, I can't complain too much on that score either. My dear step-daughter Kelly is staying with us currently and she has really been a help to me. There is finally someone else in the house that knows how to do dishes!!!

I took the photo below a few weeks ago because I wanted to show off my new, old lamp. It's alabaster- ain't it pretty? Hurray for garage sales!

Here's a closer view, but sadly, I can't capture the "glow" of the alabaster. It's just so pretty. How do you like my little mermaid bendy doll? She was a custom order from Princess Nimble Thimble. Her name is Libby Oceana and she encourages me to remember my long term goal of life in Morro Bay when I get discouraged by all the work and study. Isn't she so cute?

Well, that's it for now- back to the chillaxin'! I'll have to leave for work soon enough! I wish you all a lovely day- whether it's football or NOT!


the pleasures of homemaking said...

The alabaster lamp is just delicious! Love it! It looks so pretty in your lovely bedroom. Glad you're liking school!


Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Your bedroom looks wonderful! LOVE that bed! Thanks for stopping by tonight!
Take breaks whenever you and school is just SO GO girl!

Martha said...

Love, Love, Love your room!
Good luck with your studies, I give you two thumbs up, go girl.