Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quick "Bulletin Board", Even Quicker Post!

LOL! Talk about quick and dirty! All I did was tie ribbon to the slats of my closet doors. The knots are in the back. I would have done all four, but I ran out of ribbon! I'm loving it- I finally have an inspiration board, of sorts.

In other news, the semester is almost over! I'm finishing up my final projects which I really want to share with you all when they are done. Then it's sweet, sweet summertime! So ready!
Hugs to all!

Monday, April 20, 2009

I Met Tracey and Tracey!

And it was great! Yesterday I treated myself with a drive up the block to Roseville to attend the 1st Roseville Antique Market. I knew the Tumbleweed Cotillion girls would be there and could not wait to meet them. Last year, when E and I separated, it was a post on Tracey's blog that led me to discover Getting Past Your Past and that blog has been the biggest help to me over the past nine months. It meant a lot to me to be able to tell Tracey about that.

Both of the Traceys are SO NICE! They are just so warm and kind- I wanted to sit down with them over coffee. I picked up a few little treasures from them, but they were already just about cleaned out! And it was only 10:30! Their stuff is so cute and the folks in Roseville seemed ready to buy. I picked up their adorable glitter clothespins, some sweet vintage seam binding, a tiny, glittery bouquet and a fab little photo of the Eiffel Tower that I had to add to my Paris bathroom.
The whole event was so great- I wish I had taken more pictures. I met Lisa Golightly too, who is enormously talented. In fact, she has just recently had some of her great designs licensed, so you'll be seeing more of her name, I'm sure. She was super nice too. She had the most amazing painting that she had done on canvas that combined decoupage, paint and resin that was stunning. I just found it here, but trust me when I say that it is even more cool in person.
The Tattered House is awesome! I can't believe how cool it is! They have great furniture, accessories, sea shells, crowns, soaps, etc. all housed in the sweetest little turquoise cottage. I can't believe I've never been there before. I will definitely be back- a great place for filling out my future coastal living room and a great place for gifts too.
My big find of the day was two king sized chenille bedspreads. Not fancy, just plain white. I'm going to turn them into slip covers for my couch. AFTER I get out of school for the summer, of course! I dreamt about chenille bedspreads Saturday night so I knew I would find them at the Market and sure enough, the very last vendor on the block had them. She let me have both for $35! I'm going to have custom-made chenille slipcovers for $35! (And a lot of elbow grease!)
Anyway, it was a wonderful morning. I wish I could have stayed and spent longer! I should have been at home working on my take-home math test that is due tonight and umm, yeah, still isn't done. *sigh* Maybe I can finish it on my lunch break.... Oh well, it was worth it!
Hugs to all!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

I just had to show you Wendy's new Easter dress! I made this from a beautiful hankerchief given to me by Elaine Jackson in a doll swap four years ago. I hesitated over cutting into it, but it was just so perfect! I embroidered the little flowers on the front to match the original crochet edging. So pretty. She is a very happy girl now- this was her first new Easter dress in two years!

I hope you are all enjoying a blessed day. The kids and I will be taking dinner to my brother, Jonathan, tonight who is in the hospital, but coming home tomorrow. He was driving his little Honda scooter and got hit by a car! This was two weeks ago and it's been a really tough time for him. His left leg was broken in a really horrific way and they couldn't even put the plates and pins in until this past Thursday because there was so much swelling. There was so much damage due to road rash on the skin that they had to do a skin graft. Bless his heart, he has been so great through this. And, of course, we are just so thankful that it wasn't worse!

Yesterday, Kelly and I set this up for our six (!) kids so they could make these:I don't care how old these kids get, they still love to make Easter eggs! Actually, I have to qualify that last bit. Carmen was not here so it was five kids. She spent Spring Break in Colorado with her dear friend. She tried to ski and found out that she inherited the "no ski" gene! Sorry Carmen!

Well, I'm off to munch on jelly beans! Hugs out to all!