Monday, September 14, 2009

Orthographic Projection

We had our first presentation today in Rendering. This is my Orthographic Projection. I think I did pretty well. At least, the responses were nice from my fellow classmates. Next week I'll get my grade.

You might recognize this room from photos I've posted here on the blog- yes, it's my room! I wanted to do a space where I could refer to the measurements as much as I wanted.

Next, we're working on Axonometric Projections. To make it easy for us, the instructor has said we can use the same room, but I think I'm going to make it a little more fun by changing up the color scheme a bit!

And below is a gratuitous self-portrait. This is what I wore for my job interview last week. The good news is that we all got hired on with the new management company! I was playing around with the new features on picnik. This is supposed to be me 39% thinner! Yikes! But, it's okay.

The dress is a black and white and the skirt portion is trumpet shaped and I have the cutest wedges in black and white too. Doesn't it look 20's - 30's?


Nicolette said...

Orthographic Projection require some thoughts to put together, and you have done very well. Good luck with the axonometric projections, and be sure to drop by Furniture and Design Ideas and let me know how the grades turn out.


Mary Elise said...

This is WONDERFUL!!!

I'm so happy for you and so want to do this. Your sketches are beautiful!

May have to just live vicariously thru you for a while. Please keep posting all your artsy stuff.

It makes my heart happy.

Jennie said...

I love the work you are doing and your photo is fab. Hope you are keeping well and happy xxx