Sunday, August 23, 2009

Time for the "Way Back Machine"!

Awwww....look at those cute kids! That's me and my little brother, Jonathan at our auntie's wedding circa 1971.
Oh my, look at those handsome young people! That's my wedding in 1984.

And now...uhh...well...what good looking, portly middle aged people! This is my brother's wedding in 2003. Actually- he looked good then and he looks even better today.
That was pretty fun, eh? Thanks to Jon and Deb for emailing those top two photos to me. That made my day!


Michelle said...

Holy crap! You were married the same year I was BORN!

Thanks for making me feel young(er) LOL : )

Bettsi said...

Well...yeah. Thanks for making me feel old.

Anonymous said...

How precious, they're all a dancing theme! Are these on your Facebook page? Sandra